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Shopping (And Selling) For a Reason

Jul 11, 2017

Shopping (And Selling) For a Reason

Every purchase through GROW Nebraska makes a difference in the life of an entrepreneur. Every sale fuels a dream and a life in Anywhere, Nebraska. That's why market access is so important to us here at GROW Nebraska; that's why we work so hard to help our member businesses reach new customers.

The Evolution of Nebraskans Reaching New Markets

Since 1998, GROW Nebraska has been helping our state's business owners to reach new markets. It all started with trade shows and small markets, and we still continue to have a store at the Nebraska State Fair every year. Then, we opened retail training centers with a product evaluation process to help members test their products, packaging, and pricing. We've been all over the state with these - Lincoln, Omaha, Norfolk, and Columbus. But the two most successful stores are the ones you can visit today - one in the Hilltop Mall in Kearney and one in the Conestoga Mall in Grand Island.

When eCommerce came into play, GROW Nebraska launched and the services to support it, including by offering product photography, help writing descriptions, and order fulfillment shipping center. This site now houses thousands of Nebraska products and is the largest collection of Nebraska products online. Shop on >>

Next came eBay, and that made a huge impact for our members! Check out this video we made about eBay in 2010: 

You can see our eBay store listings here >> 

After eBay came the eCommerce giant Amazon. Amazon has even stricter standards, so we work with businesses to get their products set to sell - whether they need packaging assistance, UPCs, or help shipping in a timely fashion. You can buy Nebraska products on Amazon here >>

Plus, with the advent of Amazon Smile, purchases you make on other products also donate to help Nebraska businesses. Just select GROW Nebraska as your Amazon Smile charity here >>

On top of all those places where you can buy Nebraska products, GROW Nebraska also has specialized platforms, such as our new Shopify site specifically for Native American-created goods. Learn more about our Native artists and the products they make at >>

These stores have shipped Nebraska products across the country and around the globe!

Where We're Going From Here

We're not done yet! It's important for our Nebraska businesses to have their products where people are shopping, so we're always on the lookout for the right places to host stores. As of June 2017, GROW Nebraska has started testing out Etsy as a platform for our members who have handmade or vintage products. You can learn more about that project here >>

GROW Nebraska is also continuing our work with Nebraska businesses to increase exporting. If you're interested in exporting products, please contact GROW Nebraska at

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