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Broken Bow’s Prairie Grounds reopens with revamped energy to match modern new look

Jun 13, 2017

Hub Regional Correspondent

BROKEN BOW — The dust has settled and the paint has dried at Prairie Grounds Café and Gifts located just off the city square in downtown Broken Bow.

Owner Barb Myers temporarily closed the coffee shop this winter for renovations and overhaul of the store’s mission and management philosophy.

prairie_grounds_reopen.jpg“We had taken on too many items at first and had to take a step back,” Barb said. “We hired a consultant that helped us understand what we were doing right and what we were doing wrong.”

High Road Consulting and Training of Kearney is operated by Ryan Dennhardt, an award-winning barista. By focusing on the efficiency of the coffee shop and highlighting the quality of the actual coffee, Dennhardt helped to re-energize the store.

“Ryan helped us to find a new roaster, PT’s Roasting Co. of Topeka, Kan., and really take our quality to the next level,” Prairie Grounds manager Dusty Myers said “We go down to Topeka once or twice a year and spend time training and learning about the new offerings at PT’s. They are accessible, and that is important to a small-town coffee shop like ours.”

Barb said customers will be proud to know that PT’s is not only a small Midwestern-based company, but the company has a close relationship with the farmers that grow their coffee. This is vital to the Myers family because they have a farm near Broken Bow.

“We want to keep things as local as possible because it helps to build a stronger community,” Barb said.

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