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The History and Mission of GROW Nebraska

GROW Nebraska® believes there is nothing more important in sustaining a business than marketing. Currently we are the only non-profit market access program in the state. We work closely with our members on an individual basis to find out what each member needs to take their business to the next level and connect to the global market place.


GROW Nebraska’s Mission is to create sustainable economic development through business training, technical assistance, promotion, and access to markets. Creating impact opportunities so anyone can live in Anywhere, Nebraska and make a sustainable living. 


Since GROW Nebraska’s inception in 1998, the impact has never wavered: To be the premier nonprofit that empowers entrepreneurs through exceptional training and market access opportunities.


GROW Nebraska is a 501(c) 3 non-profit Entrepreneurial Service Organization for Nebraska entrepreneurial businesses. It was established in 1998 under the Central Plains Foundation as a statewide outreach program. Headquartered in the Central Plains Development Center in Holbrook, Nebraska, this program focuses on building successful Nebraska businesses one at a time. In 1995, Central Plains Foundation, Inc. received a USDA Rural Development Grant to create a business plan and solidify objectives. After significant research into similar state-based programs and hosting a showcase event in November 1996, the GROW Nebraska™ Program officially began accepting members in 1998 and created the first annual GROW Nebraska™ Market. The initial membership included 61 businesses and five services. It currently has over 350 members and offers over 20 services.