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About Us

GROW Nebraska™ is a non-­profit organization. Our focus is developing a stronger landscape for entrepreneurship in Nebraska. GROW Nebraska™ started with 81 members and now has more than 400 members situated throughout the state.

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GROW Nebraska™ members provide approximately 1,600 full­-time jobs and 1,400 part-­time jobs in Nebraska. Our member survey indicated 35% of respondents increased staff hours or added staff last year.

Mission Statement

GROW Nebraska’s Mission is to create sustainable economic development by supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses through promotion, market access and education.

Our Vision

GROW Nebraska’s vision is to create awareness of Nebraska businesses and services through the “Buy It Local Nebraska” campaign, in turn, increasing additional revenue, jobs and Generating Real Opportunities for Wealth.

Our Theme

“Connecting Nebraska Entrepreneurs to the Global Market Place”


If you are interested in joining our team by volunteering, interning, or contributing financially; please contact